The Opening of the Adidas Basketball Store Received a Warm welcome

Adidas’ first Chinese basketball store was located in Jiang Han Street. They opened this first Chinese basketball shop in Wuhan because they valued not only Wuhan’s advantage as a commercial hub, but also the enthusiasm of the local youth for basketball. Read more now on How to Shoot a Basketball

Jiang Han Road was home to the first Adidas basketball shop in China.

On the morning of the 15th of January,Guest Posting last Sunday before Chinese new year, the fog of winter hasn’t yet dissipated and the Jiang Han pedestrian street is already filled with the sound of passionate music. This is the first Adidas basketball store to be established in China. It is also another Adidas sportswear store after Harbin outdoor franchise. In the store, Dwight Howard, Derrick Rose and other NBA stars autographed tract shoes were displayed, which attracted a lot of people to take pictures as souvenirs.

A large number of basketball fans performed a flash mob game with a “basketball theme” at the scene. The actors wore Adidas trendy basketball gears at home, and showed the entire journey to reach the Adidas basketball franchise store. From each corner on Jiang Han Street, over 40 dancers dressed in Adidas NBA polo shirt rushed to the store and staged a virtual street basketball game. The actors were placed behind a glass-fronted screen and then dodged. This displayed the excitement of youth and the clamor for basketball.

The limited edition Crazy Light basketball shoe with Ross University matching colors, Howard’s fingerprint, left when he participated in Adidas’ three-dimensional Chinese tour at Wuhan Station, and the autographed sneakers and autographed balls, all inspired the passion of people for basketball.

A professional basketball player of Central China Normal University was seen by the journalist in the activity area. He gave a warm reception to the opening Adidas basketball store. He said that the basketball atmosphere has improved in Wuhan in recent years. Players from local universities have always done well in CUBA matches. International basketball stars like Howard, Garnett, etc., visited Wuhan in succession in the past year. He believes that Adidas’ decision to open the first Chinese basketball store in Jiang Han Road is due to the fact that they value Wuhan’s superiority on the commercial front, but also the passion of local youth for basketball.

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