Alcohol and Drug Rehab Binge-drinking and Alcohol Poisoning

Around 50 college students are killed each year by binge drinking. This is a behavior that at least 44% (or the population of colleges) has engaged in from 1994 to 2004. More than 1400 college students per year die from alcohol-related accidents. According to the drug rehabilitation center, binge drinking means five or more drinks consecutively for males and four or higher drinks for females.

A person will generally become poisoned by alcohol if they consume a high amount of it in a very short time. Alcohol can affect the nervous system.
It is a depressant that can be deadly and has a wide range of effects on the body, including physical, psychological, and behavioral.

With a lower level of alcohol, the inhibitions will be reduced, and vision, speech, and movement are impaired. A greater amount of alcohol can cause impairments in speech, vision and movement.
After drinking alcohol, coordination and balance are affected. Further alcohol consumption affects the brain until it becomes a problem.
The ability to regulate heart rate and breathing is affected. Finally, the heart rate and breathing of an individual can be extremely low.
coma or death.

In order to better understand alcohol poisoning the body typically oxidizes one drink of alcohol (about 1 oz) every hour.
After a person has stopped drinking, depending on the amount of alcohol consumed, their stomach contents, and how quickly they drank, it could take between 45-90 mins.
Intoxication is reached when they drink to their peak. It is important that the drunken person must not be left alone.
Watch the situation very carefully.