It Doesn’t Matter If It Is Rational. It Can’t Be Spiritual.

Many people find reading scriptures tedious and unintelligible. They cannot comprehend the meaning of the verses. They encounter scriptures stuffed with myths, illogical statements, and other nonsense. Scriptures are said to be able to create religion in men and women who understand the reality about God. They are filled with the glory of God. These miracles and poems are common examples. They could contain teachings that are opposite to our commonsense or reasoning. For instance, the statement made by Christ whenever he speaks will be the strongest verse from the Bible. If you are new to this sacred and life-changing medicine and how it can help you, you can check it out on

“But, I say to myself, do not resist any evil particular person; but, whoever slaps to you on the proper cheek, transform to him also” Matthew five:39

Any reasonable person would be able to question the validity of Jesus’ statement. All regulations and rules of civil culture are built upon an alternative policy, i.e. Eye for an eye. Every society has a system that punishes evil doers by doing as little as possible to each individual. This seems quite reasonable. However, Jesus’ one-liner is the most nonsecular statement in any faith. The argument is that if evil isn’t stopped, it can destroy all life on the planet and wipe out all people. This would create the rule of evil. It seems that every rational person can see the plan of the turning the opposite cheek as a recipe for disaster. This one sentence still represents the spirit both of Bible and Jesus.

Even though we may not have the ability to accept the message of Jesus, many of us believe that it is true. This sermon makes religion only in males and God’s reason, which Kahlil Gabran, the famous Sufi poet, correctly explained.

Faith is an inner knowledge, which transcends the reach of evidence.

This effectively distinguishes logic from religious belief, which deals only with the spiritual and rational self. Most anything that can be proved to be reasonable is not non-secular. Faith lies beyond the realms logic and proof.

Gita’s essence

Everything must be done with an intention and reason. This is something we have been taught since childhood. Science is also based upon a good understanding of the relationship between triggers and results. Each and every rational individual understands the importance of planning to accomplish the desired goal. People, statesmen and corporations all plan strategies to realize their goal. Without the desire to achieve your desired goal, you cannot do anything. Without knowing your destination, how can you start your journey?

Gita, which is essentially the most revered guide in Hinduism’s religion, asks for selfless actions. Gita 2;47-7 says that you must take action even if you don’t have any fruits. Hinduism holds that the path of selfless action can lead to salvation. Even though this statement might seem absurd to reasonable people, it’s so important that Mahatma Singh continues to refer to Gita herself as “The Gospel of Selfless Action”.

Gita’s complete teachings can be summarized with one word: selfless motion. Many people recognize that it is difficult to keep to the path of selfless movement and that all actions must be motivated.

Is there anything more absurd than asking people to perform all actions without thinking about the consequences?

True truth doesn’t need any proof

We may think these statements are illogical but we know they are correct. These statements, in some way, represent the eternal truth of the universe. This is often a strong evidence that these statements have not been abandoned by men or women even though they were made thousands of years ago. Time journal chose Gandhi as the man/woman with the 20th century. It was not because Gandhi adhered to any of the logical concepts of capitalism or socialism but rather due to his plan to nonviolence. His plan is very old. Buddha was a master at teaching the same principles to those who want to live contented lives, even years before Christ.

Intuitively we are conscious that the earth cannot exist next to the trail opposite it. Gandhi explained that if you earth follows the pattern of eye for eye, soon the whole world would become blind. As well, the world cannot endure if every action is completed by people for selfish purposes. The glue that holds the world together is our inborn need to be selfless. Even though they are true, we still cannot establish eternal truths. Our faith in these truths does not have no foundation, even though we know they exist.

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